Jennifer Brooks PT, MEd, CERP, CCRP

What is your current position:
I own and operate Horse 'N Hound Physical Therapy  in Hollis NH. I started this practice in 2012. We are open 6 days a week, working in a renovated barn setting treating mostly dogs, followed by horses, cats, a few farm animals and alpacas. I have a staff of 4 wonderful talented women , and one per diem PT, who provide excellent skills and services, empathy and humor in their daily job of loving the animals and their owners that walk in our doors. 
Why are you a NHAPTA member?
I feel it is a valuable way to stay up to date and present in knowledge of what is going on locally with in state of NH and in the APTA at large. I also feel it is important to support our chapter and national association with service, obligation and dues to keep it viable , that it in turn may work for us , it ’s members, when needed. I received significant support and guidance from the NHAPTA when I pursued making animal physical therapy legal within NH law. Myself and Charlie Evans PT, with the support and guidance by Maggie Donahue  and the NH APTA board of directors, helped and supported us through a 4 year long legislative endeavor to open and make changes in BOTH the NH PT Practice Act but also the NH Veterinary Medical Board Practice Act to allow PT’s to practice on animals. This became law in 2012. NH is only the ninth state to have made Animal Physical Therapy legal in the USA.
What is your favorite moment as an NHAPTA member?
There are several: the first would be when I became a Director on NH APTA, I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the organization, learning more about PT on a larger level, thinking about the bigger picture of our profession at state and national level concerns. Being a Director pushed me into the larger schemings of the APTA, by sending me to APTA headquarters for leadership congress meeting, making me realize there was so much more than just my job and just NH! this opened my eyes to wanting to attend larger scale meetings such as Annual and CSM. From there I stepped down from Director and moved into being Continuing Education Coordinator for NH APTA. In that position I learned organization skills,workd with a great group of like minded individuals,  how to listen to what our members wanted, what new topics were on the rise and to what others wanted to learn more about and got lots of cont ed credits just for setting up conference halls. That was a great deal! Lastly one of my best memories was the first time I got invited to speak at CSM regarding Equine Stifle Rehabilitation as part of the Animal PT Special Interest Group  in Las Vegas in 2011. 
In your free time, what do enjoy doing?
I love what I do for my JOB…treating animals and seeing them get better and the smile it brings across their owners' faces, is the best thing that occurs many times in my workdays and weeks. I feel so fortunate and grateful to have such a satisfying job. I feel I am living the cliche that says do what you love, love what you do. It took me 20 years of treating humans before I found my niche, by moving  my clinical skills on to my equestrian hobby and loving all animals, big and small.
In my free time I take care of my small farm, own and ride my horse in dressage, jumping, and trail riding,  hike with my dog and husband, raised our wonderful 3 kids into adulthood. I also like to garden, ride my bike, hike 4000 footers, ski and now travel more. Educating others ( the public, interns, and veterinary community) about the value that physical therapy, especially Animal PT are also my passions; enlightening others towards the path of wellness brings me job satisfaction. I am truly blessed. The road has not been easy, but it is rewarding, and was worth pursuing. 





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