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2018 House of Delegates Summary provided by NHAPTA Chief Delegate, Ami Faria

The 2018 House of Delegates (HOD) has been summarized by APTA as: 3 days, 58 Motions, Over 400 Delegates!!  If that sounds intense, we couldn't agree more! NH APTA was represented by Ami Faria, Chief Delegate, and Mark Mailloux, Delegate and President.  We were honored this year to be joined by Lisa Stejskal, PTA Caucus Representative, and Dee Daley, Vice President, onsite.  Prior to being onsite at the HOD in Orlando, our delegation reviewed and discussed all 58 motions and prepared a Caucus presentation for our members and non-members alike in NH.  We recommended and agreed with the 22 motions which were placed on the Consent Calendar and approved, including many House document updates, rescinding outdated documents/positions and adoption of RC-10-18 Preferred Nomenclature for the Provision of Physical Therapist Services and RC-42-18 Enhanced Proficiency and Continuing Education for the PT Assistant.


The 2018 HOD passed an endorsement of the APTA Core Values for the Physical Therapist (RC 27-18) and adopted Values-Based Behaviors for the PTA (RC 28-18), which align with the APTA's Code of Ethics and Standards of Ethical Conduct for the PTA.  The 2018 HOD also passed a Commitment to Person-Centered Services (RC 38-18) and a Statement in Support of Essential Health Benefits (RC 39-18).  The HOD also passed charges to the APTA which will lay groundwork for future advocacy efforts as in Eliminating the Improvement Standard for Receiving PT (RC 46-18), assist in clinician self-care as in Professional Well-Being (RC 48-18) and evaluate the need for adjustment in documentation requirements as in Adjustments in Documentation Requirements for Prevention and Wellness Interactions (RC 47-18). 

The 2018 HOD worked hard not only to perfect language, but to move the organization forward in a direction of diversity, inclusion and equality as well as focusing on fostering positive work environments for our members and non-members.  For example, RC 24-18 AMEND: SEXUAL HARASSMENT (HOD P06-99-17-06) was PASSED UNANIMOUSLY with the following language:

That Sexual Harassment (HOD P06-99-17-06) be amended so that it would read:

Environments where physical therapist services are provided, or where the work of the American Physical Therapy Association and its components is carried out, should be completely free of sexual harassment. Members of the association have an obligation to comply with applicable legal prohibitions against sexual harassment, to actively foster an environment in which sexual harassment is not accepted, and to protect individuals from sexual harassment and its negative consequences. Members shall, with permission of the affected individual(s), report sexual harassment to an appropriate authority. 

We invite all members and non-members to review the APTA Post House slide presentation posted to our website and direct any questions to Ami Faria, Chief Delegate.



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Each spring, several NH APTA Board Members travel around to various NH clinics and present current issues of interest happening legislatively at the state and national level along with discussing motions to be presented at the APTA House of Delegates (APTA governing body) in June.  

Your input to these discussions are valued.

Anyone is welcome to attend any of the caucuses. 


 New for 2018:  Preview our caucus from the comfort of your home.

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