President's Message

Change, Renewal and Continuity
January 2018
submitted by outgoing President: Dee Daley

As we head into the new year, we head into new possibilities, new opportunities, new challenges and new growth.  Growth and renewal involve change and a related fight to overcome inertia to become a better individual, parent, sibling, colleague, friend, etc.  We use history, planning and continuity to provide stability and a touchstone for our efforts to change. 


NHAPTA also experiences yearly organizational renewal- partly because the Association itself is built on the efforts and strengths of individual PT and PTA professionals.  In 2018, NHAPTA transitions to new goals and leadership to build a stronger professional association- helping members voice the needs of patients, providing professional development opportunities and increasing the public understanding of what we do.  After concluding the Membership survey several weeks ago, the annual retreat this weekend will provide an opportunity to consider member input, and other needs related to professional development, public awareness/advocacy and emerging legislative bills**  Goals and projects grow out of that meeting as we move into Spring and Summer activities and meetings- please join us as you see emails, tweets and Facebook notifications. 


NHAPTA continuity, stability, and ability to act are all grounded in membership- membership dues and participation.  Even the action of renewing your membership or encouraging a friend to join can help.  Please make renewing your membership a key part of your goals for 2018, enriching both your educational opportunities in a license renewal year (there are free and discounted programs at the APTA learning center and sections that accompany membership) and the organizational voice we present advocating for patients and the profession.  NHAPTA and its members strengthen each other working to joint goals for better therapists, better care and a strong voice for the profession. 


Your new President, Mark Mailloux, and the Board of Directors are fully committed to improving the member experience and helping therapists advance the profession. I have been privileged to meet many therapists in NH while serving as your President and learned so much from all of you.  Thank you for your generosity of time, effort and wisdom to help improve NHAPTA.  It is easy to see why members continue to be active in the Chapter even after leaving office- because of the rich experiences and fulfillment related to what we do- continuing that rich tradition, you will still find me working behind the scenes if you look.


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**(Appears to be a big year on bills for reducing licensure, changing insurance options, changes to Medicaid, universal healthcare, work comp fee schedule, athletics for students with disabilities, reporting medically unfit drivers and a host of other topics).


Dee Daley, NH APTA Chapter President


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