President's Message

Planning for the Future: Professional Vision and Governmental Change

March 2016

As we begin to see signs of Spring in NH, we have a few emerging topics to alert PTs and PTAs to around the state.  Quickly- CMS will be changing Evaluation Codes going into 2017, NHAPTA is working on a new Vision statement and annual Spring Caucus “road show” planning is underway. 

NHAPTA has drafted a new Vision statement for discussion at the Membership meeting on Thurs March 10 at 6:30pm at Franklin Pierce University in Manchester- NHAPTA will transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience for those who live, work or play in NH.  This vision aligns with APTA’s bold Vision and allows us to focus on consumer centered, quality and advocacy initiatives in a host of ways.  The Board of Directors would like your participation and feedback developing strategies and activities that speak to members- bring ideas to the Membership Meeting, send an email or join us on Facebook. 

We are planning for “annual caucuses” around the state from late April to early June- an update of legislative activity in NH, nationally and at APTA as well as “hot topics”.  We generally have over a dozen sites that host Board Members (generally for hour long sessions) and would be happy to schedule one at your facility if you contact us.  Caucuses are generally open to any PT/PTA in the area (members and non members). 

One “hot topic” at the Caucuses this year relates to a major change coming in 2017.  CMS will be replacing the PT Eval code with 3 new codes that will likely go into effect Jan 2017.  Since the specific codes are under review and likely won’t be released until August, we are hoping to plan now for another round of Fall Caucuses and continuing education.  Since Evaluation codes are used for Payment and Productivity, it will be important to make sure all clinicians plan for Fall education on the topic since the codes will relate to severity and complexity of patient presentation and accuracy will be important to avoid scrutiny of regulators.   

For more info, keep visiting and “contact us” (top right website access).  

Dee Daley, NH APTA Chapter President


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