President's Message

Vision: NHAPTA will transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience for those who live, work or play in NH

Guiding Principles:  Consumer-centered, Identity/Quality, Collaboration, Advocacy


President’s Report

Reporting Period:  January– April 2019 


President’s Message: 

Greetings NHAPTA BOD and Membership!  The beginning of 2019 brought with it new opportunities to connect with physical therapists around the state and to make our case for why membership in our professional organization can offer so many benefits to our daily work lives.  We held our first multi-site PT Night Out/Membership Meeting in Gorham, Manchester, Nashua and Portsmouth and are in the planning stages of interactive professional development offerings as well as community/ membership events to further our outreach and engagement.  The Board of Directors and I continue to be focused on strategies in which to provide meaningful opportunities that demonstrate support of you as our valued member as well as our profession.  As always, thank you for your continued support of our Chapter…each one of us is vital to making our message unified to engage, educate and ensure appropriate access to our services is available to the patients and communities that we serve.  


Finally, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate our very own Dee Daley for being slated as a candidate for the National APTA Board of Directors.  We can’t think of a better candidate or person for this position as she embodies a strong dedication to our profession and the tenets of APTA, tireless service to our Chapter and an amazing focus on the patient as the center of what we do and why we do what we do.  Her perspective would be an incredibly valuable addition to the APTA Board.  We wish her the best in this endeavor to further her commitment to thoughtful and effective service to the profession.


Best to All!...Mark


Updates – January through April 2019:


Membership Data

With our continued focus on Membership Building & Engagement here are the most recent Chapter membership numbers as of end of March 2019 as compared to YOY March 2018:







March 2018





March 2019





% Change






PT and Student Membership numbers appear stable with some uptick noted for PTs.  PTA membership continues to decline and is currently the 3rd lowest in the nation in raw numbers.  Our PTA Caucus Rep, Christopher Reilly, visited our only PTA program in NH at River Valley Community College, where he is a alumnus, during the first quarter of 2019 to increase student exposure to APTA.


Northeast Caucus Meeting/House of Delegate Motions

The NH Chapter Chief Delegate, President, and Alternate Delegate attended the Northeast Caucus meeting on March 23rd in Burlington, VT.  The focus of the meeting was upcoming HOD Motion discussions particularly the many motions that are being brought forward by the Chapters of our caucus.  This year the NH Chapter is bringing forth the following motion:


RC 62-19: Naloxone Availability Where Physical Therapist Services are Provided


The American Physical Therapy Association supports physical therapy services having naloxone accessible to be administered to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose in accordance with recommendations from the Surgeon General of the United States.


The NH Delegation believes this motion is both timely due to the ongoing opioid epidemic afflicting so many areas of our country not the least of which is the prevalence in our state of NH, but it also fits squarely with APTA’s efforts and campaign #ChoosePT that seeks to effectively address this societal crisis.  We are hopeful that our membership can also see the value and importance of this motion as another step in APTA’s effort to be both outward facing and to achieve its stated Mission and Vision.  More information regarding this motion and many others can be found at:


Additionally, NHAPTA along with The Doorway at Granite Pathways is sponsoring Naloxone Training for Physical Therapy Providers on May 29th from 6:30-8:00 pm.  The training is free and each participant will receive a Naloxone kit.  Sing-up for this training is via:


Federal/State Legislative, Advocacy, and Payment Updates

The beginning of 2019 saw the end of Functional Limitation Reporting, commonly know as G Codes.  CMS rightly concluded that the information they provided was of limited utility.


The end of the Medicare Cap ushered in a new era for APTA’s legislative and advocacy abilities in regard to their capacity to focus attention and resources on other important legislative objectives. There’s a lot on APTA’s legislative radar currently in many areas of practice and public/patient access fronts.  Here is just some of the areas that APTA is focusing on at the national level: Better coverage for kids under Medicaid enacted into law, a bill to end the physician self-referral loophole in Medicare, Student debt relief legislative options, IDEA Full Funding Act, Critical Access Hospital Relief Act of 2019, Lymphedema Treatment Act, Disability Integration Act of 2019, Home Health Payment Innovation Act of 2019, Community and Public Health Programs Extension Act, Improving Access Concussion Awareness and Education Act of 2019Mobile Health Record Act of 2019, Geriatrics Workforce Improvement Act, Rural Hospital Regulatory Relief Act of 2019Veteran’s Access to Childcare Act, Protecting Access to Complex Rehab Manual Wheelchairs Act.  More information is available about these important legislative efforts at:


In terms of state legislative activity, the Legislative Committee has met monthly in Concord since the beginning of
the year. Well over a hundred bills were reviewed and most have been removed from our ongoing attention due
to either their inexpediency to legislate or changes in the bills that removed our need to maintain focus on them
to about 25 bills currently. Examples of bills that currently remain a focus include: HB171: Establishing a
Commission to Study Equal Access and Opportunity for Students with Disabilities to Participate in Co-curricular
Activities, HB277: Establishing a Commission to Study a Public Option for Health Insurance, SB258: Relative to
Telemedicine and Telehealth Services, and SB209: Relative to the Granite Advantage Health Care Program. In
particular, this last bill deserves our attention as it addresses current law that includes a work requirement for
NH Medicaid recipients of 100/month in order to maintain their medical coverage. This type of bill is currently
in force in 7 states, with one of the most negatively impacted states noted as Arkansas. Reports are that 17,000
enrollees in AR have lost their coverage due to the unintended consequences of this law. Consequences that
remove plan participants who may still qualify for benefits due to illness, disability or other qualifying criteria
but because of complex and cumbersome reporting requirements are removed from the rolls. This bill seeks to
mitigate some of the unintended consequences by specifying an eligibility range for the work requirement of 19-49,
increases child care provider exemption age from 6 to 16, reduces the monthly work hour requirement from 100 to 80, allows self-employment to count towards employment, allows for carryover of hours worked from one month to another, and allows for elimination of the work requirement as a condition for eligibility if more than 500 beneficiaries lose coverage due to noncompliance with the work requirement or if providers report an increase in uncompensated care as a result of disenrollment due to noncompliance with the work requirement.

As the law in its current form has the potential to impede access to healthcare services, it is something we intend
to continue to monitor. For more information on this and other current NH legislative bills:

Anthem BC/BS is scheduled to change its managed care servicer from Orthonet to AIM in July.  We are currently gathering information regarding the impact of this change, if any, on rehabilitation services and will respond accordingly as needed.


The PT Compact in now active in NH.  Early reports are that the process is easy and has gone smoothly for those who qualify.  Currently 21 states are part of the Compact.


Federal Advocacy Forum

The 2019 Federal Advocacy Forum was attended by our Chief Delegate and current Federal Affairs Liaison (FAL), Ami Faria, as well as Amanda Packard, our incoming FAL on March 31st- April 2nd.  This forum is an opportunity for representatives from each state chapter to learn about the latest legislative efforts APTA is focusing on, hear from speakers who are experienced in national legislative issues and an opportunity for our FALs to meet with NH legislators/staffers to advocate for issues that are important to physical therapy and the residents of NH.  Some of the topic areas included allowing PTs to join the list of National Health Service Corps providers who can access student loan repayment funds for working in underserved areas of the country and the PTs role in public health initiatives. Both Ami and Amanda were energized and informed regarding upcoming areas to focus our advocacy efforts.


National Student Advocacy Dinner

The NHAPTA National Student Advocacy Dinner was held on April 30th at Plymouth State University and was attended by about 40 DPT students from PSU and Franklin Pierce University. Our Chief Delegate, Ami Faria, and I presented on current advocacy efforts at the federal and state level respectively as well as discussing the many ways in which students can become engaged in advocacy.  We thank the students for taking the time out of their busy studies to join us for this great annual event.


Regional Conference Sponsorship

NHAPTA was happy to be able to sponsor two students from FPU to attend a Student Leadership Conference at our regional continuing education conference held in Hartford, CT on April 12th.  The night before members from the CT and NH Chapters attended a baseball game between the Hartford Yard Goats and NH Fisher Cats.  I was able to attend the game as well as part of the student leadership event.  I was able to interact with many great students from NH, CT, and MA who were interested in honing their leadership skills…it is always incredibly motivating to be around and engage with the profession’s leaders of tomorrow.


Membership News

NHAPTA’s PT Night Out was held on March 21st in 4 locations around the state as previously noted.  It was a fun event to hold simultaneously and a great opportunity to network and meet other PTs/PTAs from around the state.  Two new members joined as a result of the events and they will both enjoy free registration to our annual conference in November.  We also held our Spring Membership Meeting during these events.


NHAPTA’s Night at the Fisher Cats: We again plan to be a sponsor for a night at the Fisher Cats scheduled for August 16th at an evening game.  We are beginning the process of asking for sponsorship partners with various hospitals and practices from around the state.


Dorothy Baethke-Eleanor J. Carlin Award for Excellence in Academic Training: Congratulations! to our NHAPTA member Kristin Greenwood,  PT, DPT, EdD, MS Board Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist for her selection of this prestigious APTA honor.  This award recognizes educators that demonstrate “exceptional teaching effectiveness in the academic setting” and act as a “role model for academic teaching for students, faculty and clinicians”.  Kristin is an Associate Professor and Department Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy, Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences at Northeastern University. She will be formerly honored at the NEXT conference in Chicago this June.


APTA Engage: APTA’s new volunteer site has launched!  It is called Engage and offers a variety of volunteer opportunities with varying levels of commitment form very brief 1-2 hours to long-term commitments.  It has the capacity for any member to register, load in their preferences and then be contacted by APTA when opportunities arise that fit their interests and available time commitments.  For more information on this great new site visit:


Professional Development

Annual Conference: Scheduled for Saturday, November 2, 2019 with the theme of Applied Pain Science. This conference will bring together providers from various segments and aspects of healthcare who routinely deal with the challenges of effective pain management as well as review the latest research in the area of applied pain science.  More details to come!


Micki Harris Professional Development Series: Educational webinars exploring the topics of Wound Care, Dementia Management, and Osteoporosis Treatment are slated for the early fall.  We also hope to offer a webinar in the topic area of Pediatrics.   We hope to make each webinar live and interactive as well as also available for viewing and continuing education credit after the live presentation.  It is anticipated each webinar will award 2 contact hours.


Journal Club:  After holding a couple of journal clubs and receiving feedback, the professional development committee has decided to make the topics population specific in an effort to garner more interest.  The ones I have attended were excellent and offered a chance for meaningful clinical discussion to occur.  Each journal club is free to members and awards 1 contact hour.


NHAPTA Objectives Update

The following grid provides both an update and foundation for discussion points at the May BOD Meeting








NHAPTA Night at Fisher Cats Game



Starting sponsor partner asks.


PT Day of Service/PT Month

Membership Committee


Need theme and options for involvement.


Thank you Membership Cards

Membership Committee


Update status of this objective.


PT Night Out

Membership Committee


Fall 2019?

Completed.   Will consider Fall date


Recognition of PTA 50

Membership Committee


Develop plan to recognize PTA anniversary


FAL Clinic Visit




Contact staffers re; possible availability of representative.


Student Advocacy Dinner

Ami/Mark/ FPU –PSU Reps




Legislative Letters




“What You Need to Know” Federal & State legislative,


Micki Harris Professional Development Series

Professional Development Committee

September- October

Planning phase.


Journal Club

Professional Development Committee


Focus change to topic specific as well as evidenced-based and timely.


Annual Conference

Annual Conference Committee/




Date: November 2, 2019

Location: Grappone Center, Concord

Topic: Applied Pain Science

Working on Speaker list

  1. Consumer/Therapist Awareness/Education (CA)
  2. Legislative/Advocacy  (LA)
  3. Professional Development  (PD)


Respectfully submitted: 05/12/19


Mark Mailloux, PT, MBA

Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist

President, NHAPTA




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