President's Message

Vision: NHAPTA will transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience for those who live, work or play in NH

Guiding Principles:  Consumer-centered, Identity/Quality, Collaboration, Advocacy


President’s Report

Reporting Period:  September – December 2018 


President’s Message:


Greetings NHAPTA!  As I reflect and close out the first year of the privilege to serve as the president of NHAPTA, I am awed by the amount of new learning I have been exposed to and the ever evolving journey of identifying priorities, problem-solving issues and figuring out effective time management strategies that go along with the responsibilities of this position; but most of all I have been impressed by the level of passion for this profession that I have encountered at all levels of APTA.  From students who are so invigorated to begin their professional lives and make a difference to the seasoned professionals and leaders who demonstrate an unending degree of enthusiasm to make our profession a better and more inclusive, diverse one, there really is a lot to be thankful for and hopeful about.  The association’s embrace and focus on more outward facing priorities that can truly impact society and the patients we serve is inspiring.  I’m sure the next year will be filled with new challenges and opportunities for our profession and I look forward to continuing this journey with all of you.  Thank you for being a member and here’s to a bright and productive 2019!

 Updates – September through December 2018:


Membership Data

The theme for the year is Membership Building & Engagement.  Below are our Chapter membership numbers as of end of October 2018 as compared to EOY 2017 numbers:







December 2017





October 2018





% Change






PTA stats:  NH is 44th for PTA engagement (0.3% of total APTA PTA membership)…this number is to assist with general discussion and does not account for the relatively small size of our chapter.  I currently do not have the number of licensed PTAs in NH available.


2018 NHAPTA Elections

Elections were held in November to elect the following positions for 2-year terms: (2) Directors, (1) Secretary, (1) Treasurer, (1) PTA Caucus Representative and (1) Nominating Committee.  The results are in and I am happy to report the following results:

Directors – Derek Eastman and Kelley Thibault

Secretary – Sheila Blase

Treasurer – Patricia Larkin-Upton

PTA Caucus Representative – Christopher Reilly

Nominating Committee – two write in votes. We will follow up with those individuals to gauge interest


Thank you all for consenting to serve and congratulations.  I would also like to recognize our outgoing BOD members Susan Tong (Director) and Lisa Stejskal (PTA Caucus Representative) for their dedication and service.  Susan served in both Secretary and Director roles during her tenure and her homemade treats that she brought to meetings will surely be missed. Lisa, who was also our Membership Committee chair, has been instrumental in fostering NHAPTA enthusiasm, tirelessly dedicated, and is the embodiment of our “small but mighty” chapter mindset.  We wish them both well as they move onto other endeavors.


Geolocation Project

Just a reminder that if you haven’t checked out the NH PT content on, I encourage you to do so.  It is now fully functional with our NHAPTA banner at the bottom.  If you click on that then you are redirected to the NHAPTA homepage.  It is still a goal is to create and post a patient-centered video to add to the site for an even more customized feel about physical therapy practice in NH.


Northeast Caucus Meeting

The NH Chapter hosted a very successful Northeast Caucus meeting on October 6th in Portsmouth NH. Thank you to our chief delegate, Ami Faria, for all of her hard work coordinating this well-received event.  At the meeting we reviewed 2018 HOD results, discussed the upcoming changes to the APTA Officers elections process, discussed the landscape of insurance reimbursement issues as well as potential motions for next year’s HOD.  We also discussed the HOD process in general in terms of venue, timeframes, methods of information delivery, etc.  Very productive meeting and we look forward to the Spring caucus meeting in VT.


PT Day of Service

In NH, PTs across the state participated in APTA national PT Day of Service events.  Our focus this year was 3 pronged: participation in blood drives, donations to food pantries, and park cleanup.  Just a couple of events that BOD members were involved with: Sheila Blase and Dee Daley were part of a park clean up in Milford, NH, North Country PT’s organized by Derek Eastman collected food pantry donations, Ami Faria, Mark Mailloux and Stephanie Budroe all donated blood.  If you participated in an event and I have not mentioned it, my apologies.  I just wanted to share some of the BOD participation that I was aware of.  Thank you to Colin, Derek, Patty and Sheila for organizing these events.



NHAPTA hosted a successful PAC event on October 13, 2018 in Manchester featuring PT and hypnotist, Steve Coppola.  We had 44 in attendance and raised ~$1,000 for the NH PT PAC.  Hopefully all in attendance had a great time…I was busy being hypnotized and I have no doubt embarrassing myself…but it was a fun night.  Thank you to Steve and to all who participated.


NHAPTA Annual Membership Meeting

The NHAPTA Annual Meeting was held on October 20, 2018.  Changes to the NHAPTA Bylaws were approved, as was the 2019 NHAPTA Budget and 2018 Slate of Election Nominees.  I had good exchanges with the members present regarding each of the above topics and positive feedback regarding the types of activities  the chapter is pursuing.


Federal/State Legislative, Advocacy, and Payment Updates

As we continue to shift towards Value-Based Care systems, an important change is MIPS, that is coming in 2019. For those of you that will be affected by the Quality Payment Program (QPP) reporting change to MIPS there are plenty of resources available to help you with the transition to this new system.  The is a great webinar being offered by the CT chapter on December 11th regarding MIPS offered by Vic Vaughn, a therapist in CT who is very well versed on the requirements of MIPS.  Contact our NHAPTA office or the CTAPTA website for details if interested.  Other great resources are located on the APTA website. Just follow this link:  


Starting in 2019, Functional Limitation Reporting, commonly know as G Codes will no longer be required for documentation.  CMS rightly concluded that the information they provided was of limited utility.


In terms of state legislative activity, the Legislative Committee met in Concord on November 12th.  We reviewed state election results and began discussion on potential legislative priorities.  Topics included: student loan repayment programs, telemedicine utilization, reimbursement/payment challenges, PT as primary care, direct access, affording students with disabilities access to participate in athletics, involvement in opioid-related issues, NH Medicaid funding, and more.  We look to the Board and our member for feedback regarding advocacy and legislative issue priorities that are important to them. 

The PT Compact in NH, while passed in the legislature is still in the development process in terms of establishing regulatory compliance and rules.  As of now, 21 states have enacted PT Compact Legislation. 

State Policy and Payment Forum

The State Policy and Payment Forum occurred on September 15-16 in Kansas City, MI and was attended by BOD members Dee Daley and Mark Mailloux.  It was my first time at this yearly APTA meeting and it was well worth the trip.  Excellent presentations and panel discussion occurred on topics such as Population Health, Combating Opioids, Value Driven Payment and Contracting, PT Compact Legislation, State Pediatric Advocacy Efforts, Implementing Minimum Data Sets to better understand workforce trends, and the state of Telehealth 

Student Member Engagement

I had the opportunity to speak and represent the chapter for a panel discussion with the presidents from CT, MA and RI entitled “Millennial and Gen X Association Leaders Share Their Stories” at the National Student Conclave held in Providence, RI on October 13, 2018.  It was a great experience and forum to share our personal and professional journeys to the positions we currently hold and what a wonderful way to interact with tomorrow’s leaders.  The students were highly engaged and I got to speak with many students from New England about the issues that are important to them.  It is always so great to hear them ask the “why not” questions…If we see an issue, then why can’t we just work on solving it right now!

 Our chapter was able to sponsor students from both Franklin Pierce University and Plymouth State University to attend NSC, which I believe was a meaningful experience for them. 

Student SIG – plans are still in development for creating a Student/New Professional SIG in NH. Kyle Brunelle, a student at Utica College, is spearheading the project and continues to reach out to NH students for input and guidance on next steps.  More information regarding this exciting opportunity will be coming.


Professional Development

Weekend Courses:

A weekend course was held at FPU on October 20, 2018 entitled:  Comprehensive Management of the Foot & Ankle Complex, presented by David Nolan , PT, DPT, MS, OCS, SCS, CSCS.


The Keele Program: The Biopsychosocial Management of Complex Low Back Pain: A Stratified Care Approach was offered at Concord Hospital in September. 

Our first NHAPTA Journal Club is scheduled for December 11, 2018 from 7:00-8:00 pm.  The article to be reviewed is entitled: Effects of a Shoulder Movement Intervention on Joint Mobility, Pain, and Disability in People With Diabetes: A randomized Controlled Trial.  Thank you to Eydie Kendall for coordinating this  live Zoom event along with PSU graduate student, Kate Dammer.

NHAPTA Objectives Update 

The following grid provides both an update and foundation for discussion points at the May BOD Meeting








NHAPTA Night at Fisher Cats Game



Completed. Event occurred July 21st.


Partnering with NH Falls Task Force




Unable to effectively partner with organization. Plan new strategy for 2019.


PT Day of Service/PT Month




Completed.  October 13, 2018


PT Night Out



Completed. PT Night Out occurred May 31st Manchester @ Murphy’s Taproom  ~12 attendees


FAL Clinic Visit



Plan to re-attempt in 2019.


Student Advocacy Dinner






PAC Fundraiser –Steve Coppola (Hypnotist)



Completed.  Event occurred October 13, 2018.


Legislative Letters




“What You Need to Know” Federal & State legislative, advocacy and payment newsletter sent out for Q1-Q3 via email blast and on website


Micki Harris Professional Development Series


June/ September

Completed. June and July. Series Topic:  Advancements in Pain Science

Webinar Format or Webinar/Live Format (2 hours each) 



Journal Club



Completed – Trial run successful. First JC scheduled for December 11, 2018.


Weekend Continuing Education Courses





April: LSVT --Completed.

June: 2 courses –Completed.

October: 1 course— Completed October 20, 2018.

  1. Consumer/Therapist Awareness/Education (CA)
  2. Legislative/Advocacy  (LA)
  3. Professional Development  (PD)

 Respectfully submitted: 12/01/18


Mark Mailloux, PT, MBA

Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist

President, NHAPTA


NHAPTA Liberty Square Group
4 Liberty Sq, #500
Boston, MA 02109
(857) 702 – 9915