How to Get Involved!

One way that you can easily advocate and take an active role in the PT profession at the federal and state level is to download the APTA Action app.  While we encourage everyone to support the PT profession through their membership with APTA, you do not need to be an APTA member to use the app and have a voice.  Taking action via the app typically takes 1-2 minutes and has the latest information on legislation that affects you.  Below is the link to download the app:                 


Federal Affairs Update

Congressional Updates: please follow the links for more detailed information

Congress passes the suspension of sequester cuts through 2021:

The Improving Social Determinants of Health Act of 2021 (S.104/H.R.379)

The Public Health Infrastructure Saves Lives Act (S.674)

APTA Podcast:  The APTA has a new podcast that can be found on all podcast platforms or you can follow either of these links below.

Contact our Federal Affairs Liaison, Amanda Packard 


State Affairs Update

2021 Top Priority:  Protection of Telehealth Parity Law 

The APTA NH Legislative Committee is closely monitoring current House and Senate Bills for potential impact on patient access and on our profession. The current legislative session continues and will meet next on June 3 and 4 to continue bill debate.  Focus continues to be on bills that affect the state’s budget.  There are still 23 bills that we are actively following.

Here are updates on three we are watching: 

  • HB94 - Relative to Licensure Renewal Dates for Certain Governing Boards under the Office of Professional Licensure and Certification. This bill would change the date of license renewal to the month when a therapist was first licensed in NH.  This bill has passed and signed into law on 04/23/21. Look for more information from APTA NH about the rollout specifics of the this licensure renewal change.
  • HB247 – Relative to Treatment Alternatives to Opioids. This bill seeks to direct health care practitioners to refer patients for non-opioid treatment alternatives (including physical therapy) prior to prescribing opioids for the management of pain, based upon clinical judgment and availability of the treatment. This bill has been retained in committee meaning it will likely return for debate in the fall legislative session.
  • HB602 – Relative to Telemedicine.  This bill would allow insurance reimbursement for telehealth services to be no greater than that the total amount allowed for health care services provided in person.  Currently the law states explicitly that reimbursement is the same as in-person care.  This bill has been retained in committee.  Protecting the current reimbursement parity law will be a legislative priority for APTA NH. 

For more information on these and other pending bills, go to put your cursor over the Government tab at the top and click on NH State Legislature.  You can enter bill numbers like the ones above or do a keyword search for bills to access more information. 

Contact our State Legislative Committee contact, Mark Mailloux  


APTA House of Delegates

Did You Know?

The 2019 APTA House of Delegates (HOD) voted to create a Special Committee to Review APTA Bylaws and Prepare Amendments (SCB). This committee began working in the fall of 2019 and has been collaborating with the APTA community and its partners to create more contemporary, flexible and inclusive bylaws for the organization that also meet all legal requirements based on APTA’s articles of incorporation. Their work has been extensive to say the least!

You can review their bylaws proposal here:


To provide any feedback you may have, please contact our Chief Delegate, Ami Faria  


APTA National Advocacy Highlight 

Physical therapy evaluation and some form of treatment is allowed in every state, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands. The APTA is working toward amendments to the current statutes that arbitrarily impose restrictions on direct access to physical therapy and eliminates any referral requirement. The latest information on this topic can be found at

Contact APTA NH Board Member, Tracie Adams




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