PT-PAC and NH Physical Therapy

Who Speaks for You and Are You Being Heard?
February 10, 2017

With political changes and transitions, people have found their values advanced or challenged.   There have been philosophical shifts and protest; some feel their voice has been quieted and others who feel they are finally being heard.  

While the dictionary definition of advocacy means to “speak in favor of something or argue for it”, the simple root of the word is to “give voice.”  When we advocate, we lend our voice to an effort to generate impact.  The NHAPTA and NH Physical Therapy PAC provide us a vehicle to strengthen our voices- through representation at legislative meetings, emails, phone calls, informal meetings, or through PAC donations.  Our Association and the PAC represent the position and perspectives of clients and physical therapy professionals on issues of health access, benefits, payment/ reimbursement and scope of practice.  

Please join us in elevating the voice of physical therapy in New Hampshire. 

It is easy to contribute, follow this link and donate to our PAC today

Go to right now and contact us if you are able to attend a few meetings (generally 1-2 hours).  Another great way to help is to send a check for the NH-PT-PAC to 12 Woodhead Circle, Lee, NH 03861

Become a “Granite Club” level member by donating at least $25.  By law, if you donate $25 or more, we need to you to provide:

your name

address and place of business

Please include that information for the NH state records. 

You don’t have to be a member of NHAPTA to contribute to the PAC, they are separate entities.  Please share this information with your colleagues and consider a group donation. Together we can make a difference for our profession and our patients.


PT-PAC must be ready to support our friends in Congress get elected. That's where you and me come in. Under federal campaign laws, PT-PAC can only solicit members of the American Physical Therapy Association. Automatically, that shrinks PT-PAC's universe of possible donors so it's very important that every member donate to PT-PAC. Last year less than 10% of APTA members contributed to PT-PAC.

If you want to see results in Congress and elect legislators that are supportive of issues to the profession, PT-PAC is the best way to make that happen. We have already seen results this year on Medicare payment, the Medicare therapy cap, and locum tenens legislation. Can you imagine what else could be accomplished if more than 10% of the APTA membership helped us build relationships with Members of Congress through PT-PAC?

It's time to make a difference. Make your PT-PAC donation online (personal donation or corporate donation) this year.


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