APTA House Delegation

The House of Delegates (House) is an APTA policy-making body comprised of voting chapter delegates, non-voting delegates (the Board of Directors and section, assembly, and PTA Caucus delegates), and consultants. 

The House meets annually for 3 successive days each spring, during which time delegates make decisions on issues that may have far-reaching implications for the association and for the profession of physical therapy. Business of the House follows parliamentary procedure and is conducted through the introduction of delegate-proposed motions, which may amend APTA's bylaws, direct a course of action, articulate an association attitude on the physical therapy needs of the public or the needs of members, or describe a goal the association wishes to achieve.

The House begins with an opening ceremony and ends with a closing ceremony. Elections for the national offices of APTA are held while the House is in session.


Current NH Delegates and PTA Caucus Rep

Chief Delegate - Ami Faria

Delegate - Mark Mailloux

    Alternate Delegate - Dee Daley

PTA Caucus Rep - Chris Reilly


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