Health Policy, Advocacy and Reimbursement Committee has been extremely busy over the past two years. We have made some gains which are beneficial to physical therapy patients, physical therapy and physical therapy assistants. Among our gains was passing of a bill which for many commercial insurances will reduce the copay amount to no greater than a PCP visit. This will take effect in January of 2016. We led a letter-writing campaign and were able to have Wellsense Medicaid pay for treatment the same day an evaluation is performed. We defeated legislation which would have set a fee schedule for workers compensation insurance at 150% of the Medicare fee schedule.

In addition, we have commented and written a letter regarding the definition of a Network when it comes to an insurance product and what it means to have a network. The objectives of having rules around network adequacy are to ensure access to services and competition among insurance companies. Currently core services which need to be provided in every community include PCP, lab draw, mental health, substance abuse and urgent care. We have submitted and made our case that physical therapy should be part of the core services (currently we are common services lumped in with orthopedics). In addition, we believe an insurance company should be required to contract with ½ of the practices in a community (currently ⅓ of providers). We are continuing to follow.

We have participated in the workers compensation advisory council subcommittee on workers compensation medical expenses and have been appointed and participated in a report of the governor’s commission on workers compensation medical costs. We have helped steer the committee away from arbitrary fee schedules and focused on solutions which improve patient outcomes and decrease costs.

We developed a NHAPTA PAC. Though many of us do not like the idea of Political Action Committees influencing our elected leaders, it is a fact of political life and the creation of our PAC leveled the playing field for physical therapists. We will be creating a new NHAPTA PAC for the 2016 state election cycle. Donations to the PAC can be made by writing a check to “NHAPTA PAC” and mailed to 6 Robin Road, Concord, NH 03301. You must include your name, address, and work place if your donation is more than $25 as this is reported to the NH secretary of state.



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