Workers' Compensation

Physical therapists are a vital treatment component of workers who are injured at work. 80% of injuries are musculoskeletal, most of which are appropriate for physical therapy treatment. Payments by workers’ compensation in New Hampshire to physical therapists are important. Although injured workers compromise 17% of patients treated by physical therapy, they account for 25% of revenue. Many practices say they rely on workers compensation payment to balance payment received from poor paying commercial insurance.

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NH Work Comp Fees

RSA 281-A:24, I is repealed and reenacted to read as follows:

(a) The employer or the employer’s insurance carrier shall pay the reasonable value of medical services provided under this chapter.

What does this mean to you? 

The bill was passed to promote negotiation and team work between payors and providers and it goes into effect early Sept 2015 - you will need to be able to understand, negotiate and possibly demonstrate the reasonable value of your fees. You may be seeing additional contracts related to workers comp fee payment or clauses in contracts… again it is time to be business savvy.  

Please remember, in New Hampshire, Physical Therapist are considered providers. You can negotiate with employers and workers comp carriers to see patients directly by passing physicians which has shown to decrease cost of care.  You will need to fill out the workers comp medical form to state the patient's ability to return to work. Because of the increase in administrative burden in dealing with a workers comp patient, it is reasonable to expect a higher payment than someone with commercial insurance.


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