Micki Harris Evening Lecture Series

2019 Micki Harris Lecture Series: Geriatric Webinar Series

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

3 Webinar Series

September 12: I’ll be fine when I get home… are you missing the cues for cognitive impairment? Physical Therapy’s Role in Cognitive Screening and Interventions

Participants will:
  • Implement a screening process for patients with cognitive challenges
  • Understand the different cognitive stages and physical therapy’s role within each stage
  • Support medical necessity of interventions through documentation and goal writing


Patricia Larkin-Upton PT, DPT, MS

Nicole Lavoie, PT, DPT 


September 26Introductory Wound Assessment and Treatment


  • Describe the APTA practice guidelines as they pertain to the integument.
  • Explain the physical therapist’s role in the holistic management of patient’s with skin compromise and/or wounds with respect to:
         > Identification of risk factors
         > Differentiating wound etiology
         > Wound/pressure ulcer prevention
  • Describe specific interventions and standardized measures that can be used to address patients with skin/wound concerns.


Patricia Larkin-Upton PT, DPT, MS

Willow Henry, PT, DPT


October 10: Exercise Treatment for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia 

Participants will:

  1. Identify the risk factors for low bone mass/osteoporosis and how to determine level of fracture risk.
  2. Understand the basic physiology of bone formation
  3. Identify the 12 components of the Meeks Method
  4. Understand the exercise principles used for treatment of low bone mass/osteoporosis
  5. Make cardiovascular recommendations for low, moderate and high fracture risk patients.
  6. Advise patients with regard to Yoga and Pilates modifications


Stephanie Budroe, PT, OCS




Each webinar:

Member: $30
Non Member: $45

Series (all 3):

Member: $75
Non Member: $120

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