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2018 State Legislative Update 

NHAPTA is always following bills in the NH legislature that may affect our profession.  Here is a sampling of what we are currently following: 

HB 1353: Establishing a Commission to Study Equal Access and Opportunity for Students with Disabilities to Participate in Athletics. (Referred for Study: may come back next session)

This bill establishes a commission to study equal access and opportunity for students with disabilities to participate in athletics.

HB 1471: Relative to Telemedicine and Establishing A Committee to Study Health Care Reimbursement For Telemedicine and Telehealth.  (Currently moving through Senate with Ought to Pass recommendation)

HB 1784: Relative to Cost Comparison for Certain Health Procedures. (Referred for Study)

This bill establishes procedures for cost comparison for certain health care procedures. Under this bill, insurance carriers shall establish an incentive program for its enrollees who undergo comparison shopping for such procedures. The bill grants rulemaking authority to the insurance commissioner for the purposes of the bill. 

SB 352: Relative to Examinations of Injured Employees Under Workers’ Compensation Law. (Referred for Study)

This bill allows an injured employee covered under workers' compensation who is dissatisfied with a determination by the employer or the employer's insurance carrier to obtain an independent examination. Current law limits this option to injured employees covered by a managed care organization. 

SB 334: Relative to Temporary Licenses for Occupations and Professions for Persons from Other States. (Through Senate, working through House)

 This bill allows persons licensed for certain allied health professions in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, or Vermont to be granted a temporary license to practice in this state while applying for regular licensure. 

SB 473: Relative to Employment Contract Restrictions Upon Health Care Providers. (Passed House, working through Senate)

This bill prohibits contract provisions of health care professionals that limit the ability of such professional to practice their profession in any geographic area after leaving a partnership, employment, or professional relationship. 

In total we are actively following about 20+ bills that are working their way through the current legislative session.  For more information on these bills and others go to:


 Co Pay Bill (2014)

The New Hampshire Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association (NHAPTA) is excited to announce that the Governor Hassan has signed into law HB1281 to update state law on copayment for physical therapy and chiropractic services.

“Co-Pay relief is critical for access to quality health care service for many New Hampshire consumers,” according to NHAPTA President Deidre Daley. “Co-pays as high as $50 per visit are prohibitively expensive and lead to poor outcomes for patients. We applaud the legislature and the Governor for their leadership on this.”

The bill requires insurers issuing or renewing individual or group policies under the 2009 Patient Protection and Affordable Care act shall not charge copayment, coinsurance or office deductibles for PT and chiropractors greater than the amounts charged for the services of primary care physicians. The bill also requires the insurance commissioner to compile certain data on member cost sharing.

NHAPTA has worked for years to help achieve copay relief and maintain access for physical therapy services for the people of New Hampshire. With this bill, the legislature worked to establish a balance between access and patient responsibility to help individuals who have suffered physical limitations regain function.



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