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State Legislative Update: March 2023

The NH State Legislature is in the middle of its current session.  Here are a sampling of the bills we are following:

HB188: Relative to the Duration of Physical Therapy.  This bill seeks to remove the 25 day requirement for referring patients to another healthcare provider if there is no documented improvement. It will ease and simply the restrictions surrounding a physical therapist’s direct access practice.

Link to bill:


HB258: Establishing a Certification for Animal Chiropractors.  This bill outlines a certification process for chiropractors treating animals and working in concert with the veterinary board.  May be of interest for physical therapists who offer animal physical therapy services.

Link to bill:


HB66: Establishing a Committee to Study Non-pharmacological Treatment Options for Patients with Chronic Pain.  This bill would create a committee to evaluate the feasibility of a pilot program for non-pharmacological treatment of chronic pain.  If passed the would provide an opportunity to advocate for PT involvement on committee.

Link to bill:


We are also following bills that seek to address how the Office of Professional Licensure and Certification (OPLC) operates (HB655/HB594/HB2).  For more information go to, hover over the Government tab and click on NH State Legislature where you can input the bill number or search text. 


NH State Legislative Contact: Mark Mailloux



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