NH APTA Course Approval Process and Application

Thank you for your interest in pursuing the New Hampshire Chapter of The American Physical Therapy Association approval for your course.

We strive to provide and support quality educational and informative seminars and courses for our membership. We ask that you please completely review and complete the attached information in order to proceed with the approval process.

Approval by the NH APTA provides a number of promotional opportunities and will allow you to better market your course / seminar to members of the chapter. Approved courses are advertised on the chapter website with a listing providing information regarding registration, location, times as well as a citation as approved course work in conjunction with continuing education requirements across the state. Approved courses are certified to list on pertinent brochures and advertisements their affiliation as an approved course with the NH APTA.

Please feel free to direct questions regarding NH APTA course approval to tamara@leahymg.com. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the provision of quality educational courses

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