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We are using this page to add updates regarding our profession and COVID 19.

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As healthcare providers, you must make decisions regarding patient safety and the safety of yourself and loved ones.  Below are some links to resources to assist you in maintaining care for your patients at the highest and safest level. 

Impact of COVID-19 on the Physical Therapy Profession
A Report From the American Physical Therapy Association



New Hampshire Telehealth

A list of insurers in NH and requirements for telehealth coverage (Updated July 29)

On March 18th Governor Sununu released an Executive Order that along with Guidance from the State of NH Office of Professional Licensure and Certification (OPLC) that appears to provide guidance for utilization of telehealth by physical therapists in NH. 

Both documents are attached here for you to review: 

While the executive order from the governor does not explicitly detail physical therapists, the additional OPLC guidance states that “effective immediately, the Governor has ordered ‘all medical providers[…] be allowed to perform health care services through the use of all modes of telehealth, including video and audio, audio-only, or other electronic media, to treat the residents of the state of NH for all medically necessary services.’” The guidance goes on to assert that “The State’s temporary expansion of telehealth services applies to all medical providers including but not limited to those professions licensed, certified, or registered by the Office of Allied Health Professionals, ….” 

We have heard from a representative of the NH PT Governing Board that services offered via telehealth are within our scope of practice.






Pulmonary Rehab and Acute Care resources

Lines, Tubes, Ventilators and Diagnostic Screening For Stability vs Instability: Free course from ERI

Pulmonary Medicine and Rehabilitation resources provided by Sean Collins (editor in chief for Cardiopulmonary PT Journal)


General COVID 19 Resources 

 Medicaid and Medicare Resources:

 School Based Therapy Resources

Early Intervention Resources

APTA Pediatrics COVID-19 Resources

Acute Care Resources

Home Care Resources


 American Health Care Association

The latest guidance documents issued by CMS related to COVID 19 following President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency:


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